We want YOU to play flat track roller derby!


 Ever wanted to check out the phenomenon that is modern flat track roller derby? Now is the time!

Step one of fresh meat “the tenderizing”

  • Join us for one of our FRESH MEAT THE PACK Sunday practices - only $5 per drop in session (maximum of 3 with no commitment to joining the league as FM)

  • Complete forms when attending your first Fresh Meat The Pack drop in practice and again when you sign up for our Fresh Meat training package.

 Step two of Fresh Meat “the seasoning”

Our program is a twelve-sixteen week course that will prepare you to take a basic skills assessment and get you ready to play!

All participants will need the following WFTDA guideline skating equipment:

-quad roller skates



-elbow pads

-wrist guards

-mouth guard

Member dues for the following month are due the first day of FM class. $40.00 via cash or Venmo. The first month will have pro-rated dues of $30, due at the second fresh meat practice (after deciding to join Mid Atlantic Roller Derby as a skater).

Contact our coaches at midatlanticrollerderby@gmail.com today to ask questions and begin your journey with the Mid Atlantic Roller Derby family.

 *coaching staff will assess each skater for safety before entering the FM program. We highly recommend any prospects get to every skate session they can before coming to skate with us!

**we have limited amounts of loaner gear for tenderizing only. First come, first serve. Message us on Facebook or through our contact page for availability